P.E - Projetos de Engenharia

Company dedicated to the Civil Construction Projects and to the Coordination and Supervision of Works, founded in 2000.



  • Project Review
  • Budget Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis of Buildings
  • Termite Infestation Certification

Coordination and Inspection of Construction

  • Buildings
  • Maritime and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Roads

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  • P.E – Projectos de Engenharia, Lda.
    Av. Ten-Cor. José Agostinho, 2º- 25A
    9700-108 Angra do Heroísmo
  • p.e@mail.telepac.pt
  • 295 217 042


  • Engº Marco Poim
  • Engº Helena Vargas
  • Engº Sérgio Cardeira